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Reign of the Undead - Revolution is a modification for Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and is a different and further developed variant of the famous Reign of the Undead mod.

RotU - short for Reign of the Undead - was a wave-based zombie survival mod that was influenced by the original zombie modes of Call of Duty World at War, Black Ops and newer ones. Different waves require different strategies and teamplay is a must.
RotU-Revolution - abbreviated as RotU-R - took the original and unfinished RotU 2.1 sources and implemented quality-of-life changes, bugfixes, more types of waves, a whole load of realistically looking zombie models, new teamplay elements, more weapons and more features!

This mod takes the IW-Engine to its limits and a halfway modern (Windows-)PC is highly recommended to fully enjoy it!

Contents & Features

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  • 25 different zombie body models with all kinds of heads await your bullets
  • They come in waves. And you never know which one is next. Blast your way through seemingly endless amounts of zombies! There are ten different types of waves that can come in any order!
  • Defend yourselves by using several obstacles and objects! Barrels, Explosives, Sentry Guns, Grenade launching Turrets, you name them, you get them!
  • This mod can only be beaten when playing as a Team, so always keep an eye out for your fellow survivors, otherwise the game can get out of hand quickly!
  • You are a server hoster? There is a huge amount of configurable stuff! A dynamic hostname, precise game-element limitations, huge maprotations, wave control and more!
  • Advanced hosters can use the new RotU-STATS plugin for ManuAdminMod and Big Brother Bot that keeps track of what you've played, how many kills you made, whether you were the king of medkits or the lord of ammo! All of these statistics are saved server-side, even if you can't stay till the end!
    Pay a visit here to see what's possible!

Roles & Abilities

There are currently six roles you can play of which all contribute to the success of your team:

  • Soldier
    He embodies the classic hardcore soldier that just loves throwing around his bullets. He uses quite heavy weapons to fight the zombies and gains the ability to reload faster. Additionally his Special temporarily empowers his gun which doubles its firing speed. He can recharge his Special by achieving multiple kills in a row.
    Oh, remember what I said about heavy guns? His RPG always fires in a straight line! He could be a Sniper... yeah. But with EXPLOSIVES!

  • Assassin
    Crawling up from behind and stabbing the zombies in the neck is what you love doing? He is your role to play!
    His equipment and suit have the stench of a zombie's body. If you don't shoot or use things around you, you can become invisible to the zombies. If you see your team slowly die and you can't seem to do anything, your best bet is to lure the zombies away, become invisible and quickly revive your teammates! If you don't want to wait, use your Special to force invisibility for a while!

  • Armored
    Equipped with strong, thick clothes, the armored is able to withstand more damage than any other class. His pump action filled weapon repertoire makes him strong in close quarter combats. When killing weakened zombies using his combat knife, his Special is being recharged. Once his Special is fully charged, he can activate it to become absolutely invincible. You're being overrun by Hellhounds and your team doesn't seem to hold their stance, embrace your beautiful and shining chest plate to charge in and help them!

  • Engineer
    post imgHe's the man for all things mechanical! Turrets are his proficiency when it comes to dealing damage, but he is already a great help to the team by regularly providing ammo to his surroundings using ammo crates he can throw every once in a while!
    If, however, you don't want to rely on your own ammo and rather have a bigger gun shoot for you, place some turrets and use your Special! AUGMENTATION ENGAGED! Turrets are devastating in that mode! Prepare your butt for multikills all over the place! He is able to recharge his Special by being a team-player and providing ammo for them.

  • Scout
    Being equipped with a throwable monkey packed with dynamite the Scout is good for distracting zombies as well as locating them. He can see the zombies' stench on his minimap that reveal them for him. His weaponry consists of heavy snipers that will rip the zombies to pieces when he hits their head. His base movement speed is higher than default and his Special makes him even faster! This renders him a great help for emergencies: First he throws his monkey-bomb to distract zombies followed by running to his teammates. During less critical situations he can keep the zombies at bay from a distance. Headshots recharge his Special.

  • Medic
    Ah, the classic helper guy. He's the one for reviving quickly, supplying his teammates with two sticky Medkits or his Special called Healing Aura that regularly ejects a healing bubble to the surrounding teammates.post img Apart from all the supportive stuff he has, his weapons are not what you would expect from someone who studied Medicine for years and years. From an UZI at the start to a Bullpup like an F2000 and a very powerful SCAR-H at the end. They can penetrate and disintegrate zombies easily! Just as you would have thought, the medic recharges his Special by healing and reviving other players.