Reign of the Undead - Revolution is now fully open-source

We have recently made the decision to make all files publicly available. We're currently in the process of changing key aspects of the mod (like the weapon upgrade process or how classes work).

Feel free to support us on our journey to a 1.0 release!



Posted 12.02.2018 13:40

The Script files are now Open Source

It has been long overdue, but we've published the Scripts that run the mod to Github!

Please note that the scripts will not run with your version of RotU-R, because the scripts also depend on other game files that are not Open Source (yet?).

If you feel the urge to support our coding, feel free to submit issues or pull requests! Our current focus is to clean up our code and document every function, even going down to documenting every single line, so people like YOU will be able to understand what's happening and what might be broken.
If you want to help us documenting our code, take a look at /players/_players.gsc and adapt the coding style.

Let the coding begin!

Posted 14.08.2014 22:20

All public Versions available to download!

Due to the friendly support of AlexC, we are now able to provide a download for the older versions of Reign of the Undead - Revolution.

As you can see on the Download page , we've enabled drop-down menus for every version and also include more in-depth details about the changes in 0.6-alpha and 0.7-alpha.

Posted 09.12.2014 00:05

Screenshots are now available

The Screenshot section of this page was a placeholder until recently.

We've now filled it up with some screenshots that depict some of the key elements of RotU-Revolution. But don't be afraid, there are still more screenshots to come!

Posted 08.12.2014 23:55

RotU-Revolution Project Page opens!

Since RotU-Revolution is constantly being developed and gaining public attention, time has come to set up a dedicated project page for it! This website aims to give you dedicated details about the mod, what it is about and how you can use it!
Additionally a media area provides you with all the latest and craziest screenshots, videos and more!

Please keep in mind that all this is still work in progress, so some pages may not be reachable, yet.

Posted 21.12.2014 20:10

RotU-Revolution 0.7-alpha released!

Today on the 1st November we present you the next part of our journey!

After 3aGl3 has joined the modding team now, some new and fun things have become possible!
We have new weapons, a massive cleanup, optimizations, quality-of-life changes and more! This is the biggest changelog that we had, yet!

Make sure you read all .txt files before updating/installing the new version!


Posted 01.11.2014 23:33

RotU-Revolution 0.6-alpha released!

With this release, we introduce RotU-STATS! A way for you as a host to keep track of all the stats the players have at the end of the map!

Apart from this, new zombie animations have made their way into this release! Of course, a load of bugs have been fixed! Remember the "G_Spawn: No Free Entities"-crash? Fixed!
Furthermore, some config values have been changed, so make sure to update your configs! Check the changelog for detailed changes on these dvars or for an overall view on what's been done!


Posted 22.09.2014 19:20